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Packaging designed to disappear

We’re setting a new standard in sustainable packaging so you can set yourself free from single use plastic.

Making convenience sustainable

We’re helping the world transition to a future where all single-use packaging is naturally biodegradable. To do this, we’re working with the world’s leading creators of single-use food and beverage packaging. Using water-based dispersion technology, to provide an alternative to traditional plastic and PLA lined products. Loved by coffee drinkers, foodies on the move and millions of worms.

What got us started?

New Zealand sends 300 million disposable coffee cups to landfills every year...

All of these cups are lined with plastic like PLA which leave micro-plastics in the environment

It's time to change the way we do waste.

Join the movement

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Talk to us to see how we can help you transition to the next generation of single use packaging.

We've developed a range of affordable, drop in solutions made from paper. Say goodbye to PE and PLA lined cups – who doesn’t want that?

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